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About American Beadboard

Castlewood LLC

Castlewood LLC was formed in 2004 and has provided high quality millwork to builders, remodelers and homeowners throughout the US and Canada.  Our wainscoting panels, built-ins, closets and custom kitchens have been featured in many award winning homes.

Wainscoting America logoWe launched so customers
can now easily design, price and order wainscoting panels online in minutes. 
Our passion is wainscoting and we have developed advanced programming and manufacturing techniques that allow us to make custom complex panels very efficiently.  This capability allows us to offer premium wainscoting at affordable prices that will ship in 5 business days.

American Beadboard logoWe launched in response to the high demand for our premium beadboard products.  Our mission is to provide a great product that is reasonably priced that will ship in 3 to 5 business days. 

Excellent Custom Reviews

Full Service Support

 Our professional staff is here to provide builders, remodelers, architects, designers and do it yourself homeowners with premium support.
 Phone 888-536-0002
Scott   extension 1
Bob     extension 2
Deb     extension 3

  Castlewood LLC,  770 Bound Line Road, Wolcott, CT  06716

Castlewood LLC
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