Moisture Resistant Beadboard

The moisture resistant MDF is ideal rooms that have a high moisture content such as Bathrooms and Basements. These quality Beadboard Panels are 5/8″ thick x 8″ wide and are available is 30″, 36″, 46″, 60″ and 94″ heights.



Ideal application as Bathroom Beadboard and Basement Beadboard.  We use a high quality Moisture Resistant MDF for these panels which is more dense and durable than a PVC beadboard panel.

Each beadboard panel has a finish width of 8″. You can purchase prepackaged kits with 30″, 36″, 46″ and 60″ tall beadboard panels. When combined with the top cap molding and baseboard moldings the finish heights will increase by 6″ to kit heights of 36″, 42″, 52″ and 66″. You can also purchase 94″ beadboard panels for taller applications. For Ceiling projects you can special order lengths up to 108″.

One side of the beadboard panel has beads that are 2 5/8″ on center. The other side has beads that are 4″ on center. The outer edge of the cut includes a rounded edge which gives the panel a distinctively smooth feel and is soothing to the touch.

We use the BEST MDF that is on the market! Made in the USA, Great Density @ 48lbs/ft3, Moisture Resistant = MR50 and no added formaldehyde


American Beadboard Panels and Top Cap Chair Rail on a Kitchen Island in Rancho Cucamonga CA

Moisture Resistant Beadboard Kitchen Island.

Beadboard kit that included 12 panels 36″ tall was used with our Poplar Top Cap Molding and Poplar Baseboard Molding.













Moisture Resistant Beadboard surrounding a Soaking Tub.  A decorative tile is centered behind the tub faucet and the beadboard is butted up to the tile on the left and right sides.














backsplashMoisture Resistant  Beadboard Kitchen Backsplash

Frank a customer of ours was kind enough to share a distressed painting technique he used for his kitchen backsplash.  He said the painting was tricky and took some trial and error to get the technique down.  It was a 3 step process.  1) started with a light brown paint and then as it was drying he wiped and sanded it achieving a wood grain texture. 2) Painted a darker brown paint and repeated wiping and sanding as it was drying. 3) final coat was a white paint that was wiped while it was drying.




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30" Tall MR Panel, 36" Tall MR Panel, 46" Tall MR Panel, 60" Tall MR Panel, 94" Tall MR Panel


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