American Beadboard Moisture Resistant (MR) Panels

Our Moisture Resistant (MR) MDF Beadboard is ideal for rooms with high humidity and or the potential to get wet such as a full bath and or damp basement. 

You can intermix standard MDF Beadboard Panels with MR Beadboard Panels because they have the same profile. For instance you can use the MR beadboard panels behind a pedestal sink and the standard MDF beadboard panels in the areas that will not be exposed to moisture from water splashes.

Similarly you can use the Moisture Resistant Beadboard Panels on whirlpool tub decks or as backsplash on counters.

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Reversible MR (Moisture Resistant) Beadboard Panels

One side of the panel has beads that are 2 5/8" on center. The other side has beads that are 4" on center.

The outer edge of the cut includes a rounded edge which gives the panel a distinctively smooth feel and is soothing to the touch.

Cross Section of American Beadboard Panel showing 4" on center and 2 5/8" on center beads and Lap Joint

Each bead board panel has a finish width of 8". You can purchase prepackaged kits with 30", 36", 46" and 60" tall bead board panels. When combined with the top cap molding and baseboard moldings the finish heights will increase by 6" to kit heights of 36", 42", 52" and 66". You can special order taller heights of Moisture Resistant Beadboard panels up to 108" for taller applications. Panels over 94" will need to ship with curb side freight services.

Each MR Beadboard Panel has an 8 inch finish width. The panels have lap joints so each panel will overlap the prior panel.

There are 3 components to the Moisture Resistant beadboard kit;

  • 1 12 Moisture Resistant Beadboard Panels (8" wide)
  • 2 94" Poplar Wood Top Cap Molding 2 1/2" Tall
  • 3 94" Poplar Wood Baseboard Molding 4 1/2" Tall